Sponsored Research Projects


S. No. Name of the Investigator Project No. Funding Agency Title of the project and duration Amount sanctioned
1 Dr. Ashraf Hossain MTR/2019/000589 SERB, DST, Govt. of India Impact of error control code (ECC) on characteristic distance for underwater wireless sensor network (UWSN) and study of energy outage duration for energy harvested UWSN using Markov model; Duration: 2020-2023 6,60,000
2 Dr. Banani Basu SEED/WS/2019/348 DST, Govt. of India Modernization of weaving units for the empowerment of economically weaker tribal women of Lakhipur, Assam
Duration: 1 Nov 2020 – 31 Oct 2023
3 Dr. Banani Basu SPG/2021/002062 SERB, DST, Govt. of India Machine Learning for Classification of Human Activities Using Body Worn Low Profile Flexible Antenna
Duration: 18 Aug 2021 – 17 Aug 2024
4 Dr K. L. Baishnab PhD-MLA/4(47)/2015-16 MeitY, Govt. of India Visvesvaraya Ph.D. Scheme, Duration: 2015-2020 3,30,00,003
5 Dr. R. Murugan SRG/2020/000617 SERB, DST, Govt. of India A Nationwide Study on Retinal Detachment in India with Emphasis on the Risk of the Fellow Eye through Fundus Images using Deep Learning, Duration: 2020-2022 16,48,250
6 Dr. Rabul Hussain Laskar IMP/2018/000098 DST-SERB, Govt. of India Development of a prototype of disabled-friendly automatic virtual text entry keyboard interface system under practical environmental conditions, Duration: 2019-2022 89,00,000
7 Dr. Rabul Hussain Laskar (Co-PI) SP/YO/407/2018 DST-SEED, Govt. of India Multimodal user interface for assisting elderly people in indoor environment, Duration: 2019-2022 32,00,000
8 Dr. Rabul Hussain Laskar (Co-PI) No.36(3)/14/27/2014-BRNS/1154 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Pose invariant face recognition algorithm development for face based prototype video surveillance system (VSS) 25,00,000
9 Dr. K. L.
No.9(1)/2014-MDD MeitY, Govt. of India Chips to System Design- Special
Manpower Development Project
(C2SD-SMDP) in IIT Madras cluster, Duration: 2014-2021
10 Dr. Koushik
EnABLES-059 EnABLES, Horizon 2020 Novel topology for energy harvesting & conversion under EnABLES with Tyndall National Institute, Ireland, Duration: 1,39,523
11 Dr. S. K. Tripathy ECR/2016/001404 SERB, Govt. of India Effect of metal doped TiO₂ on photoanode and lead free organic-inorganic metal halide perovskite on photovoltaic performance of perovskite solar cell: experimental and theoretical approach, Duration: 2017-2019 42,38,000
12 Dr. S. K. Tripathy 70(0076)/19/EMR-II CSIR, Govt. of India High Pressure Phase Transitions, Electronic, Elastic and Optical Properties of Selected Defect Chalcopyrite Semiconductors for Optoelectronic Application, Duration: 2019-2022 18,26,000
13 Dr. Taimoor Khan VJR/2019/ 000009 SERB, Govt of India (VAJRA Scheme) Some Investigations on Design and Development of Efficient Printed Components for 5G Wireless Communications, Duration: 2020-2022 -
14 Dr. Taimoor Khan SPARC/
2018-2019/ P266/SL/ 2019
MHRD, Govt. of India (SPARC Scheme) Design and Development of Dielectric Resonator Based Electromagnetic Sensors for Efficient Harvesting of Renewable RF Ambient Energy in Smart City Applications, 49,59,000
15 Dr. Taimoor Khan SB/S3/EECE/093/2016 SERB, Govt. of India (Core Research Grant Scheme) Development of EBG-Structured Printed Antennas for Ultrawideband Communication and Futuristic Modeling for Prediction of Performance Parameters using Computational Intelligence Techniques, Duration: 2019-2021 16,28,000
16 Dr. Prabina Pattanayak No.R-23011/3/2020-R&D CC&BT and Strategic Electronics, MeitY Development of Efficient Joint Antenna and User Scheduling Schemes for Massive MIMO Limited Feedback Broadcast Channels for 5G and Beyond Communication Systems 16,48,900
17 Dr. T. R. Lenka No. 22 (0830)/19/ EMC-II CSIR, Govt. of India Development of Low-Cost, High-Stability and High-Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cell for Energy Harvesting: A Theoretical and Experimental Study, Duration: 2020-2022 21,50,000
18 Dr. T. R. Lenka NO. IMRC/AISTDF/CRD /2018/000068 SERB, Govt. of India Development of Low-Cost, High-Efficiency and High-Stability Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cell for Energy Harvesting, Duration: 2.5 years from 2019 31,94,000
19 Dr. Brinda Bhowmick (Co-PI) 22(0737)/17/EMR-II CSIR, Govt. of India Hetero-Junction Tunnel FETs: Characterization, Modelling and Simulation of Electrical parameters,Duration: 2017-2020 9, 54,000
20 Dr. Brinda Bhowmick 130 MeitY, Govt of India Visvesvararya Young Faculty Research FellowshipDuration: 2018-2020 37,00,000
21 Dr. Arnab Nandi SB/FTP/ETA-0082/2014 SERB, DST, Govt. of India Design of Reconfigurable Defected Ground Structure Resonator for Wireless Application.
Duration: 2nd March 2016 – 1 Sep 2019
22 Dr. Rabul Hussain Laskar No.12(6)/2012-ESD Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Development of Speech based Multi-Level Person Authentication SystemDuration: 2012-2015 2,76,53,000
23 Dr. Rabul Hussain Laskar SB/S3/EECE/093/2016 SERB, DST, Govt. of India Development of EBG-structured printed antennas for ultrawide band communication and futuristic modeling for prediction of performance parameters using computational intelligence techniquesDuration: 2017-2020 26,60,000
24 Dr. Wasim Arif 21(1)/2015-CC&BT MeitY, Govt of India Development of National Disaster Spectrum (NDS) and Disaster Communication Backbone Architecture (DiCoBA) with prototype development 110,00,000
25 Dr. Wasim Arif 5-5/2015-TS-VII (Pt.) DST Start-Up Centre 50,00,000
26 Dr. Wasim Arif 11/15/2015-NEB(G) DST Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre 50,00,000
27 Dr. Wasim Arif 3-16/2015-PN-II DHE PMMM-NMTT-Innovations in Teaching learning 43,00,000
28 Dr. Wasim Arif - NRDC NRDC NITS IFC 10,00,000
29 Dr. Wasim Arif 1-16/2015-PN-II DHE PMMM-NMTT-NRC 14,50,000