Dr. Bijit Choudhuri

Assistant Professor

National Institute of Technology (NIT) Silchar

Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering

Silchar, Assam, 788010, India

Email: bijitchoudhuri@ece.nits.ac.in


Date of Joining: 17/07/2019

Academic Experience: 4+ years

Google Scholar: Click here

Academic Qualifications

  • Ph.D:     NIT Agartala, Agartala, India, 2017
  • M.Tech: NIT Agartala, Agartala, India, 2013
  • B.Tech: NIT Agartala, Agartala, India, 2010


  • July 2019 – Till DateAssistant Professor, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Silchar, Assam, 788010, India
  • November 2018 – July 2019Senior project Scientist, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi,  110016, India
  • July 2018 – November 2018Temporary Faculty, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Mizoram, Aizawl, Mizoram, 796112, India
  • July 2017 – July 2018Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Nagaland, Chumukedima, Nagaland, 797103, India

Research Interest and Specialization

  • Non-classical MOSFET devices with low subthreshold swing
  • Flexible health monitoring device
  • Optoelectronics material and device, Glancing angle deposition
  • Fabrication of novel Nanostructures and their optical and electrical properties

Teaching Interest

  • Currently Teaching: Nanotechnology (EC-384), Low Power VLSI Design (EC-454)
  • Previously taught: Basic Electronics (EC-101), Electronic Devices (EC-201), Electrical and Electronic Materials (EC-208), Low Power VLSI Design (EC-454),  Principles of Opto-Electronics and Fibre optics (EC-306), Nanoelectronic Devices and Materials for VLSI (EC-436), VLSI Technology (EC-5213), Advanced VLSI Design (EC-1432), Analog Electronic Circuits (EC-202).


  1. Scientific Reports
  2. IEEE Electron Device Letters
  3. IEEE Transaction on Electronic Devices.
  4. IEEE Transaction on Nanotechnology.
  5. IEEE Sensor Journal.
  6. IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics.
  7. Journal of Crystal Growth.
  8. Applied Physics A
  9. Plasmonics
  10. Applied Nanoscience
  11. International Journal of Numerical Modelling: Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields
  12. Optical Materials.
  13. Optics.
  14. AIP Advances.
  15. Materials Today.
  16. Microsystem Technologies.
  17. Automatika: Journal for Control, Measurement, Electronics, Computing and Communications
  18. AIMS Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  19. Journal of Porous Materials etc.
  20. Various International Conferences.

Invited Talks

  • Delivered an invited lecture on “Application of Negative Capacitance Field Effect Transistor as low power devices” in International Conference for Emerging Materials for Technological Applications (ICEMTA – 2022) organized by Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology(VIIT), Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India on 24th November 2022.
  • Delivered an invited lecture on “Source of Power dissipation and Power supply scaling and threshold differentiation” in Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Low Power VLSI Design organized by E&ICT Academy, NIT Warangal, Warangal, Telangana, during 28th March 2022 – 7th April 2022.
  • Delivered an invited lecture on “Some emerging electronic devices in low power VLSI design” in Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Introduction to Low Power VLSI Design and Applications organized by E&ICT Academy, NIT Warangal, Warangal, Telangana, during 23 December 2021 – 3 January 2022.
  • Delivered an invited lecture on “How to write scientific article and submit it to journal” in Online workshop on Publication Process and improvement on quality of research organized by JIS College of Engineering, Kalyani, West Bengal during 25th April, 2021.
  • Delivered three invited lecture on “A review on development of flexible devices for long term Electro Cardio Graph(ECG) observation” in AICTE- AQIS sponsored online short term training programme on “Evolution of Polytronics in future Technology” organized by M.A.M. College of Engineering, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, during December 7-26, 2020.
  • Delivered an invited lecture on “Evolution of Semiconductor Devices: From P-N junction devices to non-conventional Field Effect Transistors” in Online International workshop on Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering organized by Tripura Institute of Technology (TIT) Narsingarh, Agartala, Tripura during 22nd June-3rd July, 2020.


  1. JP Singh, Yogita Maithani, Bijit Choudhuri, Flexible Gel-Less Antibacterial Electrodes, Method for Manufacturing and System Deploying said Electrodes for Cardiac Monitoring, Indian Patent, 202011029896 A, 21/01/2022
  2. Zohmingliana, Brinda Bhowmick, Bijit Choudhuri, A Device for Designing and Analysing Double Gate Dual Material Vetical Nano ribbon Graphene TFET, South African Patent,  2022/10999, 2022

Publications (Journals/Conferences)

International Journals

  1. Potharaju Ramesh, Bijit Choudhuri,”Noise Behavior in GaAs0.2Sb0.8/GaSb Heterojunction Source-All-Around Vertical Tunnel FET: A Comprehensive Study” Accepted for publication in Materials Science & Engineering B, 2024.
  2. Potharaju Ramesh, Bijit Choudhuri, “Unveiling the Influence of Temperature and Interface Traps on the Performance of Source-All-Around Vertical TFET” Microelectronics Journal, Volume 148, June 2024, 106201, 2024. [https://doi.org/10.1016/j.mejo.2024.106201]
  3. Zohmingliana, Bijit Choudhuri, B Bhowmick, Analytical modeling of drain current for DG-Graphene nanoribbon vertical tunnel FET, Microelectronics Journal, Volume 147, May 2024, 106194, [https://doi.org/10.1016/j.mejo.2024.106194]
  4. Potharaju Ramesh, Bijit Choudhuri, “Design, optimization, and performance analysis of GaP/Si heterojunction Fin-TFET with MoS2 nanoribbon channel” Micro and Nanostructures Volume 190, June 2024, 207845, [https://doi.org/10.1016/j.micrna.2024.207845]
  5. Malvika, Bijit Choudhuri, K. Mummaneni, “RF/Analog Performance Optimization and Assessing Linearity/Distortion FoMs of HDDP-DG-NCFET for Terahertz Applications” Accepted for publication in Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 2024 [https://doi.org/10.1007/s13369-023-08671-2].
  6. Swapna Bharali, Bijit Choudhuri, Brinda Bhowmick, “Investigation of Hetero Gate Oxide Hetero Stacked Triple Metal Vertical Tunnel FET with Variable Interface Trap Charges and Temperature” Microelectronics Journal, Volume 143, January 2024, 106054. [https://doi.org/10.1016/j.mejo.2023.106054]
  7. Malvika, Jagritee Talukdar, Bijit Choudhuri, Kavicharan Mummaneni, Analysis of Noise Behavior and Reliability of Pocket Doped Negative Capacitance FET under the Impact of Trap Charges and Temperature”  Microelectronics Reliability, Volume 152, January 2024, 115301. [https://doi.org/10.1016/j.microrel.2023.115301]
  8. Potharaju Ramesh, Bijit Choudhuri, “Achievement of extremely small subthreshold swing in Vertical Source-All-Around-TFET with suppressed ambipolar conduction,” Microelectronics Journal, Volume 142, December 2023, 105990. [https://doi.org/10.1016/j.mejo.2023.105990]
  9. Zohmingliana, Bijit Choudhuri, B Bhowmick, “Design of Dual-band Rectifier Circuit for RF Energy Harvesting using Double-Gate Graphene Nanoribbon (GNR) Vertical Tunnel FET,” IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, (September 2023) doi: 10.1109/TCE.2023.3319168.
  10. Zohming Liana, Bijit Choudhuri and Brinda Bhowmick, “Analysis of the Impact of Interface Trap Charges on the Analog/RF Performance of Graphene Nanoribbon Vertical Tunnel FET” Journal of Electronic Materials, 52pages 6825–6839 (2023). [https://doi.org/10.1007/s11664-023-10615-3]
  11. Malvika, Jagritee Talukdar, Vivek Kumar, Bijit Choudhuri, Kavicharan Mummaneni, “Comparative Analysis of Noise Behavior of Highly-Doped Double Pocket Double-Gate and Single-Gate Negative Capacitance FET” Journal of Electronic Materials, 52pages 6203–6215 (2023). [https://doi.org/10.1007/s11664-023-10558-9]
  12. Zohming Liana, Bijit Choudhuri and Brinda Bhowmick, “Sensitivity and Stability Analysis of Double-Gate Graphene Nanoribbon Vertical Tunnel FET fordifferent Gas Sensing” ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, 12 027003, 2023, (DOI 10.1149/2162-8777/acb56d)
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  14. Malvika, Bijit Choudhuri, Kavicharan Mummaneni, “A New Pocket-Doped NCFET for Low Power Applications: Impact of Ferroelectric and Oxide Thickness on its Performance” Micro and Nanostructures 169, 207360 (2022) [https://doi.org/10.1016/j.micrna.2022.207360]
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International Conferences

  1. Malvika, J Talukdar, B Choudhuri, K Mummaneni, A simulation study of the effect of ferroelectric thickness and oxide variation on the performance of Highly Doped Double Pocket Double Gate NCFET based inverter, 2022 IEEE International Symposium on Smart Electronic Systems (iSES), 601-604
  2. Ramesh Potharaju and Bijit Choudhuri, “Evolution of tunnel field effect transistor and scope in low power applications: A detailed review” in 2nd International Conference on Micro/Nanoelectronics Devices, Circuits, and Systems (MNDCS 2022) at NIT Silchar, Assam, India during 29-31 Jan 2022.
  3. Malvika, Bijit Choudhuri and Kavicharan Mummaneni, Performance analysis of MFIS NCFET for various channel material, in 2nd International Conference on Micro/Nanoelectronics Devices, Circuits, and Systems (MNDCS 2022) at NIT Silchar, Assam, India during 29-31 Jan 2022.
  4. B. Choudhuri, A. Mondal, and S. M. M. D. Dwivedi, Glancing Angle Deposition Synthesized Co3O4-TiO2 Longitudinal Nanowire Heterostructure and its Properties, The Second International Conference on Emerging Materials: Characterization & Application in National Institute of Technology Durgapur on 15-17th March, 2017
  5. A Mondal, A Dey, AK Das, B Choudhuri, “Studies on temperature dependence of current-voltage characteristics of glancing angle deposited indium oxide nanowire on silicon substrate,” Proceeding of International Conference on Condensed Matter and Applied Physics, 1728 (1), 020187, 2016/5/6.
  6. B. Choudhuri, A. Mondal, and A. Saha, “Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue using TiO2 nanowire – SiOx zigzag – TiO2 nanowire composite nanostructure” The First International Conference on Emerging Materials: Characterization & Application in National Institute of Technology Durgapur and CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, Jadavpur, Kolkata on 4-6th December, 2014
  7. B. Choudhuri, B. Shougaijam, K. Bhowmik, B. K. Mahajan, A. K. Tiwari and A. Mondal, “Fabrication and characterization of Indium nanoparticles based plasmonic photodetector,” 3rd International Conference on Advanced Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (2013), IIT Guwahati during 1st -3rd December.


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Professional Membership

  • Senior Member, IEEE
  • IEEE Electron Device Society, Member

Administrative Responsibilities

  • 06/2020 – Till Date. Secretary (DUPC)

Ph.D. Scholars Guided

  1. Malvika [2019], Ongoing (Co-guide)
  2. Potharaju Ramesh [2020] Ongoing
  3. Swapna Bharali [2020] Ongoing (Part time)
  4. Zhomingliana [2020] Ongoing (Co-guide)
  5. Brahmaiah Battula [2021] Ongoing (Part time)

M.Tech Scholars Guided

  1. Khan Abdulkaleem Abdulquyyaum [2020], Enabling Improved Gate Level Simulation at IP and SOC Level. (Presently at Intel)
  2. Rishav Paul [2021], Simulation And Analysis of High Efficiency Organic-Inorganic Halide Perovskite Solar Cells Using SCAPS-1D. (Presently at Synapse)
  3. Nayan Das [2021], Design and analysis of High efficient Germanium halide Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cell – an aspect for environmental applications. (Presently at IIT-ISM Dhanbad)
  4. Shivam Tripathi [2022], Design of a Low-Power, Low-Noise Operational Transconductance Amplifier using Bulk-Driven MOS. (Presently at Micron)
  5. Alok Kumar Jha [2022], A Dual Si0.7Ge0.3 Pocket Doped TFET-Based Dielectric-Modulated Biosensor for Sensing of Neutral Biomolecules: A Simulation Study. (Presently at Samsung)
  6. Santosh Kumar Mallick [2023], Post Silicon Validation of VideoSS IP in Microcontroller for Automotive Applications, (Presently at Infineon)

B.Tech Projects

  1. Vikash Verma, Nayanjyoti Baishya, Shivam Singh [2020], Improvement of Performance in Double Gate Junction-less Transistor using high ‘k’ Dielectric.
  2. Reddy Purna Teja, Santosh Panjiyar, Saurav Singh, Sanchit Verma, [2021] ECG-based Arrhythmia Classification using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques.
  3. Sumit Daimari, Ruhit Sutradhar, Yash Pratap Singh, Anshika Singh, [2022] Device simulation of eco‐friendly CH3NH3SnI3 perovskite solar cell.
  4. Karumuri M S K Karthik, Peddolla Harshavardhan Reddy, Dev Saxena, [2023] Implementation of Virtual Mouse And Keyboard.
  5. Prabal Kumar Das, Gaurav Saha, Diptadeep Bhattacharjee, [2023] TCAD Simulation and Analysis of Light Emitting Diode.

Workshops Organized

  1. Recent Trends in Innovative CMOS-MEMS Technologies and Applications: Hands on Learning, TEQIP-III Sponsored, Dept. of ECE, NIT Silchar, Silchar, 2020, Co-ordinator