Prof. (Mrs.) Brinda Bhowmick (Shome)



National Institute of Technology (NIT) Silchar

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Silchar, Assam, 788010, India


Phone: +91-9954806903

Date of Joining: 29/06/2007 ( in permanent post at NIT Silchar)

Academic Experience: 20 years

Personal Webpage:



  • Ph.D. (2014)
  • M.Tech. (2004)
  • B.E. (Hons)(2001)


  • July 2022 – till date : Professor, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Silchar, Assam, 788010, India
  • Jun 2018 – 5th July 2022Associate Professor, National Institute of Technology (NIT)Silchar, Assam, 788010, India
  • Jun 2007 – Jun 2018Assistant Professor (Permanent Post), National Institute of Technology (NIT) Silchar, Assam, 788010, India
  • Aug 2006 – Jun 2007Lecturer under SMDP Project, National Institute of Technology (NIT) Silchar, Assam, 788010, India
  • Oct 2005 – Jul 2006: Adhoc Lecturer in ECE and EE Department, National Institute of Technology Silchar, Assam, 788010, India
  • Jul 2005- Sep 2005: Lecturer in EEE Department, TOCH Institute of Science and Technology, Arakkunnam, Kerala, 682314, India
  • Aug 2004 – Mar 2005: Lecturer in EEE Department, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Majitar, Sikkim, 737102, India


  • Semiconductor Devices Physics,
  • Modelling and Simulation of low power and high power semiconductor devices,
  • 2D materials, Group III-V materials,
  • Analog circuits,
  • Application of semiconductor devices as Bio sensor, Light sensor, and Gas sensor.


Brinda Bhowmick (Shome) did her B.E. in 2001 with first class honours (80.8%), M.Tech. in 2004 with first class distinction ( 86.6%), and Ph.D. degree in 2014 in Microelectronics area. She passed 10th exam (HSLC) in 1995 ( 83.4%) and 12th Exam (HSS) in 1997 (76%).

Currently, she is a Professor in Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of NIT Silchar since July 2022. She has 20 years teaching experience. She achieved Visvesvaraya Young Faculty Research Fellowship in January 2018 from MeitY Government of India. She has authored 120 SCI/ SCIE International Journal papers, 35 conference papers, 19 book chapters and published two patents and three patents are in granted status. She has authored one book in Cambridge Scholars publisher UK. Eight Ph.D. scholars are awarded Ph.D. degree under her guidance and two PhD scholars have submitted thesis.  Currently she is the Dean ( Academic) of National Institute of Technology.

Her research interest is simulation and modelling of various semiconductor devices like TFET, SBMOS, HEMT, FINFET, Graphene FET, Tunnel diode including Group III-V materials, 2D materials, and their applications in analog and digital circuits and sensors.


  1. Sir Visvesvaraya Young Faculty Research Fellowship Award by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), GOI, 2017 -2020 Sep. (16 Lakhs for 2 Year 9 Months), Completed ( Role as PI)
  2. Hetero-Junction Tunnel FETs: Characterization, Modelling and Simulation of Electrical parameters, under CSIR, Extramural Research Division……….9.54 lakhs….. (2017-2020),Completed ( Role as CO-PI)
  3. IEDC 2017 Project: Heart Attack Detection and Response system, DST, 1 lakh (2017-2018), Completed ( Role as PI)


  1. Indian Patent filed and Published ( Inventors: Rupam Goswami, Vivek Mate, D Borah, B Bhowmick) on SYSTEM, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR GENERATING TRUE RANDOM NUMBER FOR IDENTIFICATION AND VERIFICATION :No.201731000942, dated 31/08/2018
  2. Indian patent filed and Published ( Inventors:Brinda Bhowmick, Rajesh Saha, Siddhartha Singh, Utkarsh Bhatt) on Portable system for fast detection of PQRS and T wave ECG signals, application no.201931027301 dated 8/7/2019 
  3. German patent Granted ( Inventors: Abinash Panda, Puspa Devi, Brinda Bhowmick )” A SYSTEM FOR DESIGNING A NOVEL HIGHLY SENSITIVE HYBRID SURFACE PLASMON RESONANCE (SPR) BIOSENSOR,” No.20202210074 in 2021
  4.  German patent Granted ( Inventors: Ravindra Kumar Maurya, Brinda Bhowmick, Rajesh Saha) Title: A System for Developing and Analyzing a Parameter of Bohm Quantum Potential (BQP) Device”  No.202022105580 in 2022.
  5. South African Patent Granted ( Inventors: Zohmingliana, Brinda Bhowmick, Bijit Choudhury) Title: A Device for Designing and Analysising Double Gate Dual Material Vetical Nano ribbon Graphene TFET,  No 2022/10999, 2022


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  • GATE-EC 2002 Qualified (1530 All India Ranking in EC)
  • First Class First in B.E. (EE) from Regional Engineering College  Silchar in 2001
  • VIFA 2016 award  outstanding teacher winner
  • Sir Visvesvaraya Young Faculty Research Fellowship winner, MeitY Govt. of India
  • Reviewer of Many reputed SCI and SCIE journals like IEEE transaction on electron Device, ECS journal, Journal of Computational Electronics, IEEE sensors Journal, International Journal of Numerical Modelling, International Journal of Electronics, Physica Scripta, Silicon, IEEE Transactions on Nano Technology etc.
  • Resource person/Invited talks in various workshop/short term courses and chaired/ Co chaired many technical sessions


  •  4th POSITION IN SPECIAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATION IN KARIMGANJ DISTRICT OF ASSAM in 1992, district level inspector of schools ( standard 7)


  • Dean Academic ( From 25th Sept 2023 to till date)
  • Chairperson Purchase Committee of CCC ( from Oct 2022 to till date)
  • Associate Dean ( Faculty Welfare) from 13th  Jan 2021 – 17th Jan 2023
  • Member of Library ( Institute) Sub Committee; From 2010 to till date
  • Member of DPMC ECE Dept., March 2022 to till date
  • Chairman of IQAC, ECE Dept., March 2022 to till date
  • Member of NBA Committee, ECE Dept., March 2022 to till date
  • Coordinator of UGRC Research Projects , Dec 2020 to Feb 2024
  • Departmental Exam Coordinator, July 2015 to March 2018
  • Co-Coordinator of SMDP-II project, 2010 July -2013, March
  • Lab-in-charge of Basic Electronics (2010 July -2013 June)
  • Research Promotion Cell Incharge ,Oct, 2015 to Jan’ 2018
  • DPMC Sec.of ECE Dept., Oct 2018 to May 2020
  • Member of DUPC ECE Dept., May 2020 to Feb 2022
  • Internal Complaint Committee member, October 2015 to Sept 2018
  • Ass. Warden of GH-2, from Dec, 2010 – Dec, 2012
  • Coordinator Time Table Committee, From 2010 -2012

Ph.D. Scholars Guided

Awarded: 08

  1. Rupam Goswami: PhD degree awarded on 4th Dec’2017 ( As Sole guide), Title of thesis: Gate Engineered and Bandgap Engineered TFETs: simulation, modeling and application, ( working as Asst Professor in ECE Deptt. in Tezpur University)
  2. Rajesh Saha: PhD degree awarded on 15th June 2018 ( As Co-guide) Title of the thesis: Modeling and Simulation of Electrical Parameters in FINFET Structures and the Effects of Statistical Variability of Metal Gate Workfunction, ( worked as Assistant Professor in ECE In MNIT Jaipur and now in NIT Silchar ECE Dept)
  3. B Prashanth Kumar: PhD degree awarded on 5th Oct’2018 ( As Sole Guide) Title of thesis:Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Hetero Junction Schottky Barrier FET and RF/linearity Performances for Low Power applications . ( working as Asst. Professor in VIT Chennai)
  4. Suman Kumar Mitra: (As Sole Guide) PhD degree awarded on 13th March ‘2019 : Thesis Title;Simulation, Modeling and Reliability issues of Gate-on-Source/Channel SOI TFET with Back Gate .( Working as Assistant Project under TEQIP in Harcourt Butler University in Kanpur upto Sept 2021, Now as Project Engineer Sanapse Design (A Quest Global Company) ..)
  5. Puja Ghosh: ( As Sole guide) PhD degree awarded on 12th April 2021:(Thesis Title: Bandgap Engineered Selective Buried Oxide Tunnel FETs: simulation, modeling and applications ),( Working as Assistant Professor in IIIT Ranchi in ECE Dept.)
  6. W. Vandana Devi : PhD degree awarded on 2nd March 2022 ( Main guide) (Performance Assessment of Vertical Tunnel FETs: from Theory to Sensing Applications) ( Working as Asst. Professor in MNNIT Allahabad till July 2023, Asst. Professor in NIT Delhi, currently Assistant Professor in NIT Manipur)
  7. K Vanlalawmpuia: (Sole guide) PhD degree awarded on 25th April 2022 (thesis Title : Simulation and Performance Analysis of Lateral and Vertical Tunnel FETs and their Biosensor Applications) : ( Working as Assistant Professor IIIT Nagpur till Ist week of July, Assistant professor in NIT Mizoram)
  8. Basab Das: (Sole guide) PhD degree awarded on 26th August 2022 ( Thesis Title: Simulation and Modelling of Gate-Engineered Tunnel FET ) : working as Assistant Professor GIMT Guwahati


Thesis submitted: 02


  1. Sirisha Meriga (Sole Guide) ( part time, Thesis submitted on 1st April 2024)
  2. Ravindra Kr Maurya (Main Guide, Thesis submitted on 17th May 2024)


Currently Guiding: 05

  1. Zohmingliana (Main guide, PhD synopsis appeared on 21st May 2024)
  2. Swapna Bharali (Co Guide, part time, Registration seminar appeared)
  3. George Milli (Sole Guide, Progress seminar I appeared and Enhancement seminar appeared)
  4. Karthik Nasani (Main Guide, Progress seminar I and Enhancement seminar appeared)
  5.  Venkateswara Rao Busani ( Co Guide, QIP, Registration Seminar appeared)

M.Tech. Scholars Guided

24 - guided

  1. Jahnvi Sen: Optimization of Raised buried Oxide Tunnel FET (2010-2011)
  2. RajsekharKar: Optimization of hetero-material gate Tunnel Source (PNPN) MOSFET(2010-2011)
  1. Monalisa Das: A simulation study of SiGeheterogate raised buried oxide drain TunnelFET and analysis of the effect of temperature on electrical parameters. (2011-2012)
  2. KanjaLochan Jena: Optimization of 3D Tunnel FET and its digital application. ( 2012-2013)
  3. RupamGoswami: Gate-drain underlap nanoscale n-TFET with a δp+,si1-xGex Layer at source channel tunnel junction- simulation and modeling.(2013-2014)
  4. Basab Das: Simulation and Modelling of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor with gate dielectric. (2013-2014)
  5. Mukesh Kumar Suman: A comparative study of ballistic DG nMOS for 9.8nm gate length with Mixed gate oxide over single gate oxide by DC and RF analysis. (2013-2014)
  6. Suman Kr. Mitra: Optimization and Scaling of an SOI-TFET with Back Gate Control and Modelling of Drain Current. (2014-15)
  7. RahinPegu: Optimization and modelling of Electrical Characteristics of 3D Gate all around Silicon nano wire MOSFET with tri-material gate and comparison with conventional MOSFET (2014-15)
  8. Prasant Singh: Dual Metal Dual Dielectric SOI TFET with Gate Source overlap and Drain Underlap : simulation and Modelling (2015-16)
  9. KishanKumar : Optimization of Field plated High-K gate Dielectric AlGaN/GaN HEMTs for High Power Applications(2015-16)
  10. AtishKumar : Modelling and Simulation of AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors with pGaN CAP layer and AlGaN Buffer layer HEMT(2015-16)
  11. Dhrubajyoti Borah: Tunnel Field Effect Transistor on Selective Buried Oxide (SELBOX) Substrate (2016-17)
  12. Saurav Tiwari: Simulation of Graphene Nanowires Fet and comparison with different Nanowire structures (2016-17)
  13. V Puitea: Optimization of Electrical Parameters in Single Gate and Double Gate SiGe Channel nMOSFETs and their Application in Digital Inverter (2016-17)
  14. Vandana Devi: Optimization of Pocket doped Junctionless TFET and its Application in digital Inverter, 2017-2018
  15. Susmitha Kotha Palli: Optimization of Electrical Parameters of Gate Engineered Tunnel FET, 2018-2019
  16. Baishalee Sonowal : RADAR  software  integration in  RADAR based Auto SoC Verification (2019-2020)
  17. Urmila Bag: Simulation and reliability study of strained SOI TFET (2020-2021)
  18. Mayank Saini: Designing a Splittable IOMUX CELL used in Pin Multiplexing of the Automotive Microcontrollers” (2020-2021)
  19. Karra Venkata Lakshmi Sri ” Simulation and analysis of a Dual Source Vertical Tunnel Field Effect Transistor ( 2021-22)

 Currently Guiding-3

1. TVS Kranti Kumar  2. Ravi Kishan

3. Himjyoti Thakuria

B.Tech. Projects

  1. Pankaj , Amit Agarwala, Rohit Kr. Halder, Pragotipran Bora : FPGA BASED DPEM CONTROLLER for Low-Power DC-DC Converters (2009-2010)
  2. Anupaldeka, BiswrupNath, Mohit Dave, Shreya Dalela : design and Analysis of Fuzzy Logic based PID controller for PWM based Switching converter(2014-15)
  3. Rupesh Kumar Bhadu, Ramswarup Choudhury, rajesh Kumar Meena, SushmitaSaha : Germanium Source Silicon-On Insulator Tunnel Field Effect Transistors(2014-15)
  4. Ajeet Kumar, Anoop Sharma, Ashish Kumar PK, Bibhash Pathak, Saurabh Kumar Mangalam : Design of High Speed Low Power Comparator (2015-16)
  5. Aditya Kumar, Anuj Shukla, Tejpratap Singh, AkashAnupam : Optimization and Modelling of Elevated Source Drain TFET Structure (2014-15)
  6. Abhishek Mukherjee, DikshaBoruah, Medhavi, ShailendraSahu: Performance Analysis of Small Signal Amplifiers in Darlington andSziklai Configurations (2016-17)
  7. Parinita Biswas, AbhishekChakraborty : AIR Pollution Detection System Sychronised and Monitored in Cloud ( 2016-2017)
  8. ChandanJoishi, Maya Ramesh, Premraj Kumar, ParthaBaruah : 3D Analysis of Hetero Double Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistor ( (2011-12)
  9. Arvind Kumar Singh, IndubhshanYadav, Mohit Kumar, Satyendra Narayan Mazumder: Optimization of Group III/V material based SOI MOSFET( 2012-13)
  10. AngshumanMadhab Dutta, Deepjyoti Sarkar, Rakesh Das, Jeetendra Prakash Sonkar: Electrical Charcteristics of Double gate FINFET ( 2015-16)
  11. Rajarshi Biswas, SantanuKar, Anil Kr Gautam, S Venkatesh: Vector Median Filtering of Colour images ( 2008-2009)
  12. PritamDey, Smith Ghosh, sanjeebKro, DeepjyotiKalita: Implementation of VIerbi Decoder using FPGA ( (2013-14)
  13. AnishNath, AbhisekBezbaruah, HeerokJyotiHazarika, ArunjyotiMusahary: MOSFET Simulation study (2013-14)
  14. Rajneesh Kumar, Roshan Kumar, K.Tenzing Singh, Swarnandu Das. Y. Ravindra Raj Singh: Efficient Design of PID controller implementing FPGA by using Xilinx (2010-11)
  15. Tushar Dutta, Akshitgarg, Rajnish Kumar, NitinRanawat: Speed Measurement and Control of DC Motor using Microprocessor (2009-10)
  16. Ayush Prakash: ” The missing link prediction problem ‘ 2018-2019
  18. Arnab Das, Shreya Das, ” Analytical Model for Parasitic Fringe Capacitance in Gate Underlap Strained Silicon DG-MOSFET, 2020-2021
  19. Rahul Raj, Tanmay Kumar, ” Using NLP and Deep learning to give recommendation to user based on product’s text desription and of its image during online shopping, 2020-21
  20. Partha Pratim Goswami,” Optimization of pocket doped High K gate TFET with back gate” 2018-2019
  21. Chinmay Deka, Basabee Borah,” Optimization of Tunnel FET performance using Heterostructure ” 2019-2020
  23.  Arshita Narayan, Suramya Das, Ruttala R, Dipesh Roy Choudhury’ “IoT based Soil Monitoring, Crop Prediction with Data Visualization and Data Collection for Tea Plantation” (2021-2022)
  24. Hrishikesh Borah ” Simulation and Study of Ferro electric FET” (2021-2022)
  25. Surajeet Barman and group, “Implementation of virtual Mouse and hand gesture detection” ( 2022-23)

Current BTech project: 1. Aaryan, Abhigyan Dandrial

2. Satyam, Prithiviraj, Kavya





Workshops Organized

  1. One week workshop on Emerging Devices, Circuits and Systems(EDCS 2019), TEQIP and IEEE EDS, NIT Silchar, Silchar, 21- 25 Jan 2019, Convener.
  2. 3 days workshop on Workshop on Emerging devices, NIT Silchar, Sichar, TEQIP, October 2016, Coordinator
  3. 3 days workshop on Recent trends in Embedded System and its application,NIT Silchar, Silchar, Sept 2012, Coordinator
  4. One day workshop on Sexual Harassment of women at work place, NIT Silchar, Silchar, Institute Fund, Oct 2015, organized on behalf of ICC NIT Silchar